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MYOB Account Plus v18 CD OEM.7z: A Free Download Guide

How to Download and Install MYOB Accounting Plus v18 CD OEM.7z for Free

MYOB Accounting Plus v18 is a popular accounting software that helps you manage your business finances, payroll, inventory, and more. However, if you have lost your CD or don't have a CD drive on your computer, you may wonder how to download and install it for free.

In this article, we will show you how to get MYOB Accounting Plus v18 CD OEM.7z, a compressed file that contains the installation files for the software, and how to extract and run it on your Windows system.

MYOB Account Plus v18 CD OEM.7z

Step 1: Get the download link

The first step is to get the download link for MYOB Accounting Plus v18 CD OEM.7z. You can find it on the MYOB Community Forum, where some users have shared it with others who need it. For example, you can check this thread or this thread and look for a forum private message from an MYOB moderator with the required download link attached.

Alternatively, you can also contact MYOB support and request the download link from them. You will need to provide your serial number and proof of purchase to verify your eligibility.

Step 2: Download the file

Once you have the download link, you can click on it and save the file to your computer. The file size is about 400 MB, so it may take some time depending on your internet speed.

Make sure you have enough space on your hard drive to store the file and the extracted installation files later.

Step 3: Extract the file

After downloading the file, you need to extract it using a program that can handle 7z files, such as 7-Zip or WinRAR. You can download and install one of these programs from their official websites if you don't have them already.

To extract the file, right-click on it and choose "Extract here" or "Extract to MYOB Accounting Plus v18 CD OEM.7z" depending on your program. This will create a folder with the same name as the file that contains the installation files for MYOB Accounting Plus v18.

Step 4: Install the software

Now you are ready to install the software on your computer. To do so, open the folder that contains the extracted files and double-click on the file named "setup.exe". This will launch the installation wizard that will guide you through the process.

Follow the instructions on the screen and enter your serial number when prompted. You may also need to change some settings or preferences according to your needs.

If you encounter any problems with downloading or installing the software, you can refer to this thread for some tips and solutions from other users who have faced similar issues.


In this article, we have shown you how to download and install MYOB Accounting Plus v18 CD OEM.7z for free. We hope this helps you get your accounting software up and running without any hassle.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to leave a comment below or contact us through our website. ad790ac5ba


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