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50 Pixel Fonts For Web Graphics Design

Fontfabric is a digital type foundry that creates retail fonts and custom typography for various brands. Rather generously, they also provide a selection of free fonts for anyone to download and use. We love Nexa and Intro, but there are lots more to browse and sample on its nicely designed website.

50 Pixel Fonts For Web Graphics Design

Claiming to be the "easiest online design tool to create animations and graphics for social and web", Crello is our new favourite website for our projects. You don't even need design skills to get started. There are lots to choose from as well with more than 4,000 pre-designed animated layouts alone.

The best free fonts offer plenty of options for your designs without costing anything. Whether you're looking for a classy serif, a clean sans-serif, vintage fonts or something completely different, there's no shortage of choice.

Minimalistic uppercase fonts are great tools for many types of designs. Munich has a singular look and feel, perfect for strong headlines and logos. The elongated and condensed letters in this font have a low crossline which gives it a powerful visual base. The unique designs of the Q and Z are a wonderful addition to this set.

This modern stencil style font designed by Nawras Moneer comes only in one weight in uppercase letters. Most letters in the set have a disconnecting line which gives it a stencil feel. The rounded terminals give this font a laid-back quality, making it great for most types of design projects. One Day is perfect for logos or social media graphics. This is not a font for long text but more for headings and subtitles.

Simple and clean style fonts like Sequel should always be in your typography arsenal. This font has rounded edges and a condensed design, great for any sort of project with a laidback and steady feel. Sequel is an all-cap letter set perfect for titles and social media graphics.

Novelty fonts like Kontanter are great for modern and unique designs that need a real edge and special feel to them. The letters in this font from Fontfabric all have diagonal decorative lines or extra crosslines for an added effect.

This perfectly geometric and rounded font designed by Milena Brandau is gorgeous and perfect for any sort of modern project. What makes Fredoka unique is the collection of super cute dingbats and its integration with Google fonts. Fredoka is great for websites, apps, and any digital designs.

Modern fonts that pull from classic styles are usually very easy to use and particularly visual. This brush style font with an antique Japanese feel is perfect for social media graphics or fun t-shirt designs with catchy quotes.

Futuristic styled modern fonts like Celestia are unusual and fun to use in graphic design projects that want to be a little disruptive. This circular geometric font with filled-in diagonal lines is great for music event posters or fashion spreads. Celestia can give any design a fun modern and futuristic feel.

Condensed fonts like Calibre are quite popular lately. This one is super condensed and so a bit more unique than the usual condensed styles. Calibre is perfect for logos and creative lettering projects. The elongated quality of this font is so interesting that it should definitely be in your design arsenal.

This modern futuristic font by Alejo Bergman has lots of potential for many different kinds of designs. With a double line and finishing dot, the letters look almost three-dimensional in an abstract way. Potra is great not only for galactic designs but also for any graphics that want to have an edge over the others.

The thick and peaceful letters in this font have the perfect weight for powerful disruptive designs. Peace Sans has glyphs available for all major languages, including Turkish, French, Russian, and more. This lovely font looks great in quote graphics for social media or as headlines and website banners.

Modern futuristic fonts like Anurati are so unique and special that they are almost timeless. This font uses empty spaces as a visual cue to make letter compositions look amazing and eye-catching. Mixing Anurati with interesting backgrounds can create spectacular designs.

Few fonts illustrate their name as well as Abyssopelagic. Inspired by the depths of the ocean, this font is specially designed to be set with wide spacing between letters. The thin design uses blank space with missing crosslines, making the font look like it's in motion.

Condensed modern fonts like Ministry look great on social media graphics and typographic compositions. When they have a unique design in their terminals and unions, that makes them unique and special in their niche. This font has a special letter "T" and the "S" look likes like a chain link.

Variable fonts allow you to have an unlimited number of fonts that derive from the same font file. Forget about having any limitations in your design as variable fonts will allow you to be more flexible.

Display fonts are essential if you're looking to create a certain atmosphere and feeling in your design. In this article, get familiar with the history of display fonts and how they came to be so popular.

Typography is an essential part of graphic design. When I was a beginner designer, I had trouble understanding and combining fonts for a project. In this article, you'll learn how to use this important tool with simple tips and tricks.

Huge list of best professional fonts and typefaces for designers. These top fonts was inspired by classic and modern fonts. Typefaces included different styles, icons, vectors and extras. The fonts included script fonts, handwritten brush fonts, vintage fonts and display fonts that can be perfect for branding, logos, greeting cards, wedding stationery, typographic quotes, book covers, website headers, flyers, clothing, packaging designs and more.

These professionally designed typefaces and fonts can significantly improve your design by simply included them in the project you are working on. All fonts are comes with a different handy set of Opentype stylistic alternates, ornament, ligatures, multiple language support and extras.

Falbench is a hand-painted font package containing two Opentype fonts, SVG & Regular Brush fonts. This SVG Opentype font keeps all the transparency and texture of the original letters painted. The sheet will make your design project explode with character and charm, and will make your design project look realistic. Each letter and symbol is hand painted.

Neon light vector font for Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. You can use it for your design projects, creating titles in the RGB mode. This is EPS document [motel font.eps] (not TTF, OTF or other fonts standard). The letters are completely expanded without any effects.

This calligraphy style serif font designed by Bernd Montag in 2007 has become one of a few classic elegant web fonts available for free. Chantelli Antiqua is great for text in invitations or titles in labels and tags. It works great paired with a simple sans font as well.

This long serif font designed by Japanese Sora Sagano is reminiscent of classic calligraphy fonts brought to a digital format. Medio works great for headers and titles and long-form text in a medium size. This font is perfect for both print and web.

Oranienbaum is a tall font with angled serifs and delicate curves. Russian designer Oleg Pospelov was inspired by classic elegant fonts like Bodoni in his creation of Oranienbaum. The number glyphs in this font are particularly unique.

Bodoni is one of the classic style fonts which has inspired hundreds of other elegant fonts. Bodoni is also one of the fonts that costs lots of money, so designers Casady and Greene created Bodoni FLF as a free alternative. This elegant font is great for all sorts of projects and designs.

This tall and modern elegant font is perfect for short statements. This font is particularly useful for social media graphics and other projects like sticker labels and posters. Argentine designer Mariano Diez took the elegance of a tall font and added just a bit more character to it.

Script fonts are calligraphy-style fonts. These are decorative and have fluid strokes similar to handwriting. These fonts can be hard to read as body text, but can enhance your designs when used as headers in invitations and announcements.

Calligraphy has always been the most elegant of all the fonts, ever. This calligraphy style font, The Cardinal, has plenty of ornaments and swashes to design beautiful wedding invitations and ornate typographic compositions. With inspiration from all the European classics, this font will make any design extra elegant.

A calligraphy font does not have to be classic to be elegant. Modern style hand-lettered fonts are beautifully elegant as well. Frutilla, designed by Ian Mikraz is perfect for Instagram, feminine lifestyle websites and modern style elegant wedding invitations.

This modern elegant font, Yolan, was designed by Indonesian Yuni Fadil Putra as a great alternative to the classic calligraphy font. The large loops and irregular letter sizes in this font are great for Instagram style social media graphics and other projects like packaging labels and name cards.

Japanese designer Toshi Omagari created Tangerine inspired by the chancery fonts of the 16th and 17th century. The most notable aspect of this elegant font is the long ascender slanted at the top and the short lowercase letters. Tangerine is great for titles and short bits of text.

Italianno is a tight script font from the same designers as Great Vibes and Allura. This elegant font comes in only one weight but includes over 600 glyphs for most languages and plenty of different compositions. Unlike most script fonts, Italianno works quite well in longer text as long as the line height is a bit wider than usual.


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