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hi, this is directory subfolder for:



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  • best

jurassic park, the most popular movie that depicts dinosaurs living on earth. a huge budget and lots of real dinos were used to make the movie. the film started production in 1993 and was released in june of 1993. it was directed and written by steven spielberg and produced by kathleen kennedy and frank marshall. the film received critical and commercial success, which featured a large budget. the film grossed $461.3 million worldwide. this film received numerous awards, two academy awards and eight academy awards for visual effects. the film featured academy award winners such as special effects artist stan winston, chris palmer, and ben ramsey. it featured several other nominated artists such as john gentle, richard taylor, and eric kovacs. the film also featured other oscar winners and nominees such as lorne balfe, brian muir, and kevin harkins. jurassic park won several awards, including a 1994 academy award for the best visual effects, a 1994 golden globe for best motion picture drama, a 1994 golden globe for best motion picture drama, a 1994 hugo award for best dramatic presentation, a 1994 academy award for best sound mixing, a 1994 academy award for best sound editing, and a 1994 bafta award for best special effects.


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