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A music video for the song was released on June 28, via his YouTube channel.[8] On August 13, 2021, the single was certified Diamond by the RIAA in the US.[9] The song has since come to be regarded as XXXTentacion's signature song.[10]


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XXXTentacion began working with the producer for "SAD!", John Cunningham, in January 2018 after a preview of an acoustic song was uploaded to X's Instagram page showing Cunningham playing the guitar whilst X sung.[11] On January 11, 2018, X uploaded a gaming video to his YouTube channel showing him playing the popular video game, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds.[12] The intro to the video was a preview for "SAD!"[13] and X further previewed the song a month later in a video on February 4, 2018, using it for his intro, after speculation the song was titled "SAD n Low" following a mass amount of snippets uploaded to YouTube. X went on to preview the song one more time in a YouTube video before its official release a few days later.[14]

The music video for Onfroy's "SAD!" premiered one day after his memorial service at the BB&T Center on June 28, 2018. The video was written and "creative directed" by Onfroy himself, and directed by JMP. In the video, an older X attends the funeral of his younger self, which has his older split-dye yellow-black hair, the same hairstyle that was present in X's famous mugshot after being arrested on domestic violence charges. When X approaches the casket to look at his younger self, the younger X suddenly returns to life. The two begin fighting in the church and out in the alley. Before, during, and after the fight, a dark hooded figure speaks to X, asking various questions and advocating for a way of thinking centered on love rather than hate and for X to realize that the biggest enemy in his life has been himself. X defeats his younger self and leaves him lying on the ground in a completely white location. A piece of paper appears on the screen that reads, "People change, things change, and so did I." The video concludes with the words "LONG LIVE PRINCE X". The video has over 161 million views across YouTube as of March 2023. The audio has over 1.2 Billion views as of March 2023, making it his most popular YouTube video. [38]

On Thursday, June 28, the rapper's management team posthumously dropped the music video that the young artist shot before he was killed in a suspected robbery outside a motorcycle dealership in Florida.

The music video dropped a day after his six-hour public memorial held in Florida took place on Wednesday, June 27. Thousands of fans from all over the United States gathered at the BB&T Center to pay respects to the late artist.

However, now we have yet another update regarding the song as its music video dropped today and has raked in over 2.5M views in just a matter of hours. Specifically, the music video shows X attending his own funeral before fighting his resurrected self that likely embodies his inner demons. All the while the music video switches in between this and X talking to a spiritual being.

Following his untimely passing, the estate of the late rapper has released a brand new video for the single, which starts with the fallen rapper attending his own memorial service and transitions onto him battling his inner demons. 041b061a72


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