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City Pass New York Where To Buy

On top of saving money on popular attractions throughout Manhattan, getting the 6 attraction CityPASS will also give you a $5 coupon on any NYC bus tour, 15% on any purchase in Bloomingdales during the nine active days of your pass, and 15% off & priority seating Patina Group Restaurants. These restaurants include Rockefeller Center and many more throughout the city!

city pass new york where to buy

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CityPASS has fewer options than the others, but it included the attractions we wanted most. It's the least expensive of the passes for comparable days and activities. It's the only one of these passes where teens pay the child price.

The Ride is a 75-minute bus tour of Manhattan with an interactive experience and a panoramic window to experience the city in a different way, where comedy, dance and music accompany you throughout the tour. It's like stepping into a Broadway musical set on the streets of New York.

They are passes (paper or digital) that allow you to choose from many of the main NYC attractions for an attractive price. There are different passes available but some of the most popular are the New York CityPASS, the New York PASS, the The New York Sightseeing Pass and the New York City Explorer Pass, in case you are staying for up to 30 days in the city.

After living in New York City and exploring non-stop, we created a comprehensive NYC Travel Guidebook (with itinerary) that answers every question you have about where to stay, what to do, where to eat and how to get around the city.

The good news is that if you plan on visiting a number of attractions in New York, you can take advantage of one of the various New York city attraction passes that are available. If you take advantage of these passes, you can end up saving a lot of money. However, you will have to decide if each pass is worth it for your visit, based on the attractions you really want to see.

The passes are valid for nine days from first use, so you will have plenty of time do so. If you visit all the attractions, you can definitely make significant savings. This pass does cover many of the most popular paid attractions in the city, but it is obviously limited to just these attractions.

The Sightseeing Pass company offers two types of passes for New York. They have an all-inclusive attraction pass where you choose how many days validity you want, and they have a pass where you can choose from a number of attractions you want to visit. You can compare these two passes here.

There are multifarious attractions passes that bless you with instant access to major tourist hubs in the city which cuts down the inconvenience of queuing up for hours and exchanging currency every now and then. As there many kinds of passes, it becomes quite a time-consuming task to decide which pass fits the bill so you can enjoy it without worrying about spending a lot of cash.

Moreover, this group of passes can be compared to the buffet where you pay a limited price to devour unlimited food. Yes, you read it right you get a card for one set of the price for certain days and enjoy hassle-free entries to as many attractions, itineraries, and experiences that you would like to be a part of. Sightseeing pass and The New York Pass are the most widely used all-inclusive passes in the Big Apple.

You can purchase the pass for the length of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 or 10 days and save up to a whopping 70% compared to the price of the tickets at each attraction and get a 230-colored guidebook which is available in several languages. With the popular bus, bike and boat tours, the pass allows you to take delight in exploring the city in different ways.

With each pass having its own unique selling points; it becomes quite an uphill task to decide which pass you should purchase to explore the incredible highlights of the city. So it boils down to the monetary aspect i.e., weighing all your options and streamlining the one that is not just highly economic but also lets you visit the hotspots you wish to. Considering this in mind New York Pass becomes the choice of many visitors.

So which New York City attraction pass is the best? Well that depends on what you want to do and how long you plan to stay in New York. But first, let me address the downside of all the New York city attraction passes.

As mentioned in the costs section, the New York Pass has options that cater to both extended and shorter stays in the city. Customers can choose passes with validities of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 10 consecutive days. Of course, aside from determining validity, the tougher part with this particular pass is picking from the many attractions to visit.

The best place to buy the New York Pass is on their official site. Once there, click on the Prices button or the Buy button at the top. Clicking either button will take you to the page where you choose the length of your day pass. As we mentioned, this New York sightseeing day pass comes in seven different choices, so click the arrows and scroll until you find the length of validity that suits you and your party.

We always test passes in person to see how they actually fare in the City themselves. We visit New York often and normally at the busiest times. We used the New York CityPASS during one of the busiest weeks of the year, just after Thanksgiving when the city is absolutely in chaos. The perfect time to test for any flaws in the Pass due to surging crowds.

Basically, with the new measures in place in New York, there is almost NO difference between Buying a Pass and booking Separately in terms of ease and convenience. When reservations are REQUIRED they are required for all not just people with a Pass, and where Walk-ups are allowed the pass usually helps a little, and if not it makes NO difference, apart from the Top Of The Rock where you get the VIP Queue.

I had never heard about citypass but now I do and seems to our a very good option. If I plan for NY visit for sight seeing I will be back on your site. BTW, I loved reading your post. Thank you for letting me know about citypass and your experience.

Thank you for your very thorough review of the NYC city pass. I also appreciated you took the time to update some information as well. I am happy you did the research on the value. For example if I were oh to do three or four of the attractions, it is not worth it. That helps with the planning process.

I went to London a few years ago and bought their London Pass which appears to be very similar to city pass for New York. The London Pass included a few attractions in the price but it also includes some excellent coupons to restaurants and an extensive guidebook. Does the city pass include any extras besides the attractions?

To get started, you'll need a library card from The New York Public Library, Brooklyn Public Library, or Queens Library. NYC library cardholders can borrow passes for two or four people at cultural institutions throughout the city.

The New York All City Pass' tours include a live tour guide who usually provides useful information about each attraction. With free, one-time tours of downtown Manhattan, Brooklyn and Harlem and even bike rentals, this pass covers the length and breadth of the city.

I've only been in the city 5-6 times, but I've never felt unsafe. It probably did help that two times I was there with someone who knew the city fairly well. We stayed with family in NJ and boarded the train in Hamilton. It's been a couple years since we did that trip and it cost about $60 RT per ticket. Plus, I paid to leave my car there when we did spend the night in the city- but I had gotten a great deal on a hotel room and we wanted the experience. Times Square is a bit crazy, we didn't feel unsafe, but it would be easy to get separated. My daughter and I had a plan of where to meet if that happened but she stuck close to me. She did find the costumed characters "creepy". One of the reasons she wanted to go to Times Square was to get her photo taken with some of the characters but one decided to hug her a bit closer and longer than necessary for the photo- you may want to skip photos with characters.

Just a heads up. Metropolitan museum of art and museum of natural history have suggested "donations".too. This however does not apply to planetarium . No one in NYC pays full price admission. Use your city pass on other attractions. Also try to avoid on weekends at all costs.

Cons: Possible pressure to rush around and do as much as possible during your time in the city, so you squeeze out every dollar you spent on the pass. Not good for those who like to relax and go with the flow on their trips.

The New York Pass is a day-based pass with more than 100 attraction options to choose between during your stay in the city. You can choose between 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, and 10-day passes and can visit unlimited attractions each day. This pass is great if you want to see as many sights and attractions as possible during your trip.

There are next to the passes you selected to choose from a lot more passes that you might like to consider, like the Explorer Pass ( -york-city-trip/new-york-explorer-pass/) or the Big Apple City Pass ( -york-city-trip/big-apple-city-pass/). 041b061a72


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