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VA Time Life Am Gold (34 CD) 1962 1979.rar

When it became clear that mastering from vinyl was unavoidable for five of the albums, we decided to "sweeten" this box set with a treasure from Elmer's glory days that he had re-recorded at the end of his career: Kings of the Sun, which he had intended to release on his own Amber Records label. James Fitzpatrick, the orchestral contractor for the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, kindly volunteered his time to assemble the final disc in this box set from the edit-plan Elmer made of the sessions. While not literally an FMC recording, it is both the spiritual descendent of the series and the coda to Elmer's remarkable professional life.

VA Time Life Am Gold (34 CD) 1962 1979.rar

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After the hit release of "Try Me", following nine relative failures, the group scored a series of hit albums and recordings in the early 1960s. Brown's solo aspirations started around 1962. By the time of "Papa's Got a Brand New Bag", he used the Flames less and less as he became a full-fledged solo artist who was now involved in the development of a new R&B subgenre, funk. Eventually the Famous Flames left him in 1968 as did his James Brown band by 1970 and Brown hired The J.B.'s who helped contribute to his continuing success in the 1970s. After their disbanding, Brown struggled for a number of years with recordings before the release of 1985's "Living in America", and having success with the albums Gravity (1986) and I'm Real (1988).

Oil leaks have been alleviated due to improved sump seal design and the tinting cover has a modified flinger and cover boss to prevent leaks, which was introduced a year ago. To reduce noise from the timing chain a rubber-faced tensioner has been introduced during 1962. Steps are being taken to improve exhaust system life which include efforts at combating the effects of the increasing use of salt on the roads.

Again, the wire door handle pulls. These have failed and been replaced three times during the life of the car, and, really, what an absurd method to employ to open the doors when the door catches themselves are so stiff. I did have this some system on my old 1930 Bentley Speed Six which had a close-coupled Weymann 2-door drophead coupe body with very wide doors, and leather-covered chain pulls were necessary to operate the door locks. But in this case the locks were properly manufactured coachbuilt jobs and operated smoothly and with little effort, whereas the Mini-Minor locks arc cheap and nasty locks which always require the maximum of effort to open them regardless of how well oiled they are kept, and are also hard to close properly.

Regarded as one of the most beautiful Pininfarina designs, the Lusso, or GT/L, sold as a road-going car and directly benefited from the successful line of Ferrari 250 GTs. It was developed from the dual-purpose 250 GT Short Wheel Base (SWB). When the SWB's time was up, its road-going version was replaced in 1962 with the more curvaceous 250 GT Lusso.

Leon Spinks, who won Olympic gold and then shocked the boxing world by beating Muhammad Ali to win the heavyweight title in only his eighth pro fight, died Feb. 5, 2021. He was 67. A lovable heavyweight with a drinking problem, Spinks beat Ali by decision in a 15-round fight in 1978 to win the title. He was unranked at the time, and picked as an opponent because Ali was looking for an easy fight.


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