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Subtitle The Wraith

In the level's opening scene, just before Rtas 'Vadumee ("Half-Jaw") says "And continue our march to glorious salvation!", another subtitle will appear for a split second. Right when the Elites say "We shall grind them into dust.", the subtitle will say "- scrape them as excrement from our boots!"

subtitle The Wraith

Wraith's Passive Ability, Voices from the Void, is extremely helpful as well, but there are steps players may want to take if they're struggling to use it effectively. Essentially, Voices from the Void can give Wraith clues about nearby enemies and dangers, but it's sometimes hard to hear the voices when just playing with normal audio. For this reason, we recommend Apex Legends players switch on subtitles to make using Voices from the Void a bit easier.

Clustering your wraiths together to make them fire and move seemingly as a single unit is very important for effective harass. To do this, you need to select your Wraiths in addition to another unit that will remain far away from them and/or not able to respond to the commands that you only want your Wraiths to execute. As a Terran, there are multiple units that can fit this role:

You can use the Kripto Video Protector & Media Player to watch music videos with subtitles, listen audio music files with Synchronized Lyrics (.LRC) or with Subtitle (.SRT) file. You can also get subtitles for your movies or TV series automatically with the application.

The color of the subtitles seem to indicate the speaker's attitude toward Jen and Scree. Specifically their attitude in combat. Those with green subtitles will aid in combat. Those with red subtitles will attack. Those with yellow subtitles will not participate in combat. 041b061a72


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