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Words Their Way: Word Sorts For Within Word Pattern Spellers (3rd Edition) (What's New In Literacy)

Secondly, the activities inside these books are mainly picture and word sorts, providing kids hands-on opportunities to learn and interact with sounds and words. The picture sorts focus on the sounds kids hear in words, such as beginning sounds in words. The word sorts focus on the patterns different words share within them, like comparing words with the short a pattern to words with the long a pattern.

Words Their Way: Word Sorts For Within Word Pattern Spellers (3rd Edition) (What's New In Literacy)

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Some researchers call this the pre-alphabetic or pre-phonetic stage because most emergent spellers do not understand how letters and their sounds help them spell words, especially in the beginning of the stage (from Words Their Way).

The typical age of a child in this stage is 7 to 10 years old, starting approximately at the end of first grade and ending towards the end of third grade or beginning of fourth grade. In some cases, especially for struggling readers, spellers remain in this stage through middle school. Within Word Pattern Spellers begin to correctly spell vowel patterns within one-syllable words, first starting with short vowels and then moving onto long vowels and even some ambiguous vowels.

Hi Laura, I love your ideas/activities for implementing WTW. We currently use the program, but when we assess we make the kids sort their words into the different categories. Do you find any problems with testing on Spelling City where they only have to spell the words rather than spell/sort or without using the extra words that accommodate the sorts?


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