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3g Wireless Networks Clint Smith Daniel Collins Pdf Download

wireless networks are the carriers of the 21st century. they are the transportation that connects the world, and all of the technology, applications, and devices that surround us. they are pervasive, complex, and essential. this is the first book to offer an understanding of the components of a wireless network: the hardware, the protocols, and the technologies. it explains the foundational technologies that are the basis for wireless networks today and will be the foundation of future networks. it introduces the terminology and standards that are used to describe wireless networks, and it provides a clear picture of the wireless networks that you will encounter in your career. this book is intended for technologists, engineers, and managers who are responsible for designing and implementing wireless systems, and for those who need to understand and configure wireless networks. this book will help you understand the hardware, protocols, technologies, and more to make sound decisions in the planning and operation of wireless networks.

3g wireless networks clint smith daniel collins pdf download

daniel collins, a 20-year veteran of the wireless communications industry, is currently chief technology officerwireless at jasper wireless, inc. he began his career at ericsson, where he worked in product development and product management roles and helped develop some of the worlds earliest gsm networks. mr. collins also served as an independent consultant for many years on 2.5g, 3g, and ip technologies to tier-one service providers around the world, and worked with alcatel north america as vice president of fixed mobile convergence. he is the co-author of carrier-grade voip, published by mcgraw-hill.


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