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Bmw Road Map Southeast Asia Next 2016 1.epub

If the Supreme Court had allowed the Federal Circuit's statutory interpretation with respect to a disgorgement of a design patent infringer's unapportioned profits to stand, the consequences would have been really bad. Design patents would overnight have become the most lucrative arrow in any patent troll's quiver. Fortunately, the Supreme Court already made it clear in 2016 that infringer's profits are formally unapportioned but limited to the relevant "article of manufacture" (which may or may not be the entire end product). After that strategic victory for reasonableness, the two most important questions left to be answered were the test for determining the article of manufacture and the related burden of proof. Judge Koh answered those questions in ways that Apple can live with and Samsung and many are happy about. Compared to the questions before the SCOTUS and subsequently before Judge Koh, the remaining proceedings are significantly less strategic, but there still is the risk of an award that will encourage design patent trolling. Imagine this kind of "negotiation" between a troll wielding a (possibly overbroad) design patent against an accused infringer:

Bmw Road Map Southeast Asia Next 2016 1.epub



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