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Pressure Wash Simulator Script | Infinite Money!

Power Wash Tycoon codes are rewards given out by the developers of the game, the team at Small World Games. They are usually released for new like milestones, updates, and seasonal events, but because the game is still new there haven't been too many codes. New codes have been promised by the devs, though. Typically, these codes can be redeemed for cash or infinite power wash tank buffs which means you can keep washing for longer!

Pressure Wash Simulator Script | Infinite Money!

All done! That's a nice new $450.00 you earned. We're now $300.00 away from earning enough money from the Urban X U2 power washer, which has better stats than the Prime Vista 1500 we started with. That's right - getting the next power washer is more important than getting extensions for the Prime Vista 1500. We'll buy some soap later as well.

We now have enough money and stars (we need 15) to buy the next power washer from the store. On the tablet, go to the orange bag icon in the upper right corner and buy the medium duty power washer, the Urban X U2. There is now zero reason for us to choose to use the Prime Vista 1500 ever again, though it will come up again in Challenge Mode. Go to the equipment section of the store and buy the four Prime Vista 1500 attachments as well as the Urban X U2 Turbo Nozzle These five total $240.00, leaving you with a paltry $10.00, but we still need them. Now that we've got those, we'll be saving up all our money for the Prime Vista 3000, which costs $2,000.00.

Note: Once you beat the career mode, you will have access to infinite soap (and possibly all nozzles and extensions - that's unconfirmed) for use in free play. It's still absolutely necessary to buy items in the order suggested as you read this page, so don't go spending money at will! Soap is definitely the worst way to spend money as long as you have patience.

The first thing we need to prioritize is getting $115.00 as fast as possible. From the starting position, walk northeast and find the ball you need to push out of the watermelon bowl. The bowl is surrounded by one of two upper floor areas. Cleaning both upper floors and this bowl will provide us with exactly the money we need, so focus on these two areas as well as the upper floor near a large arch in another corner of the skatepark. Once you've got $2,000.00, go to the store and buy that beautiful Prime Vista 3000 power washer. Make sure you switch over to it!

If you're close to having enough money for the PV PRO, save up and do other jobs; getting that last power washer is way more important than buying the long extension for a weaker washer. The second buying priority is the available extensions/nozzles, starting with the PV PRO set, then the PV 3000 and Urban X U2. Want to save money? Just use the Prime Vista 1500 and the free extension for this job. Just know that picking off all the eggs with the red nozzle on the PV 1500 takes a really long time.

For those looking for a little more pressure, beat your best scores in Challenge Mode! Fight grime in different scenarios; wash against the clock in Time Challenge or test your accuracy by using as little water as possible in Water Challenge.

How to maximize your available money to be able to buy the Prime Vista Pro as well as customizations.OverviewWhile there may be other ways of doing this, this is how I went about maximizing my available money in game. I just thought I'd share in case this helps anyone.I have been playing Power Wash Simulator for a while (love it!) so I had completed all of the maps, and would complete new maps as they were released. I was excited for customizations (e.g., gloves, washers) but ended up spending too much money on those and washer attachments to afford everything for the Prime Vista PRO. I also ran out of money for the outfits when I bought the Vista PRO.I'll go over how I went about redoing the game and ending with $4,435 currency leftover even after buying the Vista PRO and all its attachments. What I did purchase: 041b061a72


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