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Michael Lukin
Michael Lukin

Principles Of Unit Operations By

Crowded conditions in the Chemistry Building did not permit the development of a laboratory in unit operations or pilot processing equipment. In 1917 the Swenson Evaporator Company, of Chicago, offered to install at the University certain valuable equipment of this type free of cost if the company in exchange might employ the services of Professor Badger as a research consultant. This offer was accepted by the Board of Regents, and space was found in the abandoned Boiler House in the center of the campus for this equipment. In spite of a discouraging environment good work was done.

principles of unit operations by

Shortly after The Principles of Chemical Engineering was published, Badger and Baker developed a text, Inorganic Chemical Technology, which partly bridged the gap between the descriptive work and the quantitative viewpoint. In 1931 Badger and McCabe brought out Elements of Chemical Engineering, which soon became the most widely used text in this field. Minor revisions of the curriculum increased the emphasis on unit operations at this time.


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