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Herkese Açık·11 üye

Lep 39;s World Old Version Apk

Lep's World is an arcade game featuring a brave leprechaun who takes on a journey full of adventures. Developed by NerByte GmbH, Lep's World is a classic platformer with 5 fun and unique worlds and more than 100 levels. The old version of Lep's World is available for free download at

The old version of Lep's World offers 5 different worlds, each with 20 levels. The levels are full of enemies, obstacles and secrets. The player has to use the joystick to move Lep to the right or left, jump and shoot his enemies. Lep can also collect various items and power-ups, such as extra life, health, coins and more. The player also has to complete various tasks, such as collecting all the coins, killing all enemies or finding the hidden keys.

lep 39;s world old version apk


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