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Upload Link To Sharepoint Document Library

SharePoint is often used to create sites for various purposes and activities because it is very effective at coordinating all communication and files related to several processes. Every file managed through SharePoint sites is kept in a dedicated document libraries. You can upload different types of files to this centralized storage.

upload link to sharepoint document library

Moreover, SharePoint lets you create unique URLs for these documents so that you can easily share documents with users who are not part of your SharePoint site. Did you know that SharePoint Document Libraries allow you to add links too, along with other document types?

Adding a link is oftentimes more sensible than adding a document and this is significant when you want to gain access to a file or resource that is already uploaded to your SharePoint environment. There are also different ways to upload documents to a SharePoint library. No need to upload a file twice, instead, get the URL of the item and add it to the document library in the same way that would for other documents.

This capability is available both in Microsoft 365 and SharePoint Server 2019. With this option, you can add links to files, folders, documents, SharePoint sites, and external sites. Furthermore, the link will be listed along with all other items in your document library too.

The biggest advantage of this feature is that you will avoid uploading the same file to your SharePoint environment multiple times. You just need to know how to get the URL of a file, SharePoint site, or document folder to utilize this feature. Here is how you can copy the link to the desired item easily.

I have also created a list that that has a link for all the views I created. There is a column that stores the URL for uploading a document to the document library.The reason to add this url being situations when the users stumble on the fact they need to click on Upload Documment.

I immediately thought it was possible, but I did not fully understand what was being asked. The end user wants a link to appear as a "document" in the library. To try and explain further the link needs to function like a document would. If I click on a document in a library it opens the document and hypothetically if I clicked on a link I would be navigated to the link.

.url files are blocked by default in SharePoint. to achieve what you want to achieve you would need to unblock .url files then you can create shortcuts on your desktop to web locations and upload them into your document library. I haven't tested this but it makes sense in theory.

Documents can be made available in SharePoint with a few easy steps using the 'Link To a Document' content type. This 'SharePoint How to' post will first illustrate how this is set-up and how to create a link. Then we will consider how to distribute that 'link' with DocRead. Using DocRead will mean that you can request that users read and confirm the document by a deadline.

Note: The URL can be *anything* such as a URL from an Internet/Intranet web page, a document in another document library, YouTube video, document in another system and so on. In fact, as long as it can be navigated to by the end-user it can be linked to and stored in your document library.

Now you have your new link set up, you may need groups of people within your organization to read the document (or watch the YouTube/training video etc.). This can be arranged really easily using a third party tool like DocRead to assign all relevant people a task.

The first step is to ensure the DocRead properties are available in the Link to Document content types. (Note: if you are already using DocRead and have other links to documents within this library, chances are that these columns are already recognized by DocRead so you can skip to step 4).

Sometimes you have external content that you would like to make available from your document library without uploading a file. Examples include documents in other SharePoint sites or libraries, and even links to other web pages including SharePoint pages and external web sites.

Turns out SharePoint already has this built-in, just well hidden. There is a built-in Content Type called "Link to a Document". Just add this to your library and then just click the "New" dropdown and select "Link to a Document"! It will simply ask you for a document name and url. You can supply a URL to anything that starts with "http://", including both SharePoint documents and external web pages. It does not support a link to a network share such as "\\myfileserver\folder1\somedoc.doc".

> Is there a way to link to a file that starts with mms://?Yes.1) use notepad to create a text file named redirect.htm (or any name you choose that ends with .htm)2) In this file add this little JavaScript routine window.location.href =;3) upload this file to a library in SharePoint and note the URL (something like documents/redirect.htm)4) When you add a new Link to Document enter the URL this way: documents/redirect.htm?mms://pathtoyourdocumentMike

TheGoat,> Is it possible to get links in document libraries to open in a new window?Yes. It would be a variation of this article: -adding-popups-to-link-lists.htmlI'll see if I can put together a new article to add "Open in new window" to a document library.Mike

Anonymous,Link to a Document will only work with URLs that start with http:// or https://You could create a web page using notepad and save it with an ASPX extension (mydocument.aspx) to a SharePoint library. The page would only have the following content:Return to the librarydocument.location="file://DEMO2010A/SampleDocs/adventureworksbikes.xls"You would need to create one of these files for each document you want to link to.Mike

Mark,I'm working on an article on how do duplicate all of the menu links, and I may have found a way to do what you want, but it will be a week or so before I can document and post that. Check back...Mike

CH,You added the Content Type to the library, added a New Link to a document, entered the URL to your Excel file in another library or site and then clicked the link?What did you want it to open if not the Excel file? (I may not be understanding your question...)Mike

Wondering if there is any way to make these links to documents/folders work in Windows Explorer? I get an .aspx webform file there instead of a useable link. Would love to have my links work in explorer as well...

Nick,No way I know of. A library stores files, and the Link to a document feature creates an ASPX file that includes redirect code. So all that is seen by Windows Explorer is the ASPX file.Mike

HiI use SharePoint 2007 and am trying to create links to documents elsewhere on the site, I.E from one document library to another. The only option I get though is to link the document library - not the actual document itself. Is it possible to do this, or can I only link the library?Thank you,

Stacie,Just go to the document library and right-click the document you want to link to, click Properties, and copy the complete URL. Paste this URL into the new Link To A Document item.Mike

Hi, I have a document library with several folders in side. When I try to create a link in one of those folders in the library, it is created or referenced in all the folders. is there a way to just have the link in one folder instead on all to folders?

F. Hilman, > When I try to create a link in one of those folders in the library, it is created or referenced in all the folders."Link to a Document" is just an ASPX file that is added to the library or a folder within the library. I can't think of any way it would show up in another folder.Mike

Anonymous,> without actually re-directing to the siteIf you just want a web part to display an image or a page, use a Page Viewer web part or use a Content Editor Web Part and add the HTML for an IFRAME.Or do you want to click a link in a document library to display the image?

I have sharepoint foundations 2010 installed on windows home server 2011. How can I access the whs 2011shared folders in sharepoint foundations? Do i have to build a hyperlink to every document in the share?Thanks

I created a link to another site on my server. I used the (Click here to test) and it worked perfectly. However, when I click the link from my library it takes me to a blank site. That according the bread crumbs is a blank site under my library. Any ideas?

Hi Mike, Thank you for being so well versed on this feature. I am looking for a variation to this solution. I would like the new item list to link to a document where the location is a fixed network address (so the users don't need to know the path-it is already provided). Essentially the template for a file is located elsewhere and I don't want it duplicated in this library. I tried to add the .ASPX file as the template however it opens my default web editor (SharePoint Designer) when selected. Any suggestions? Thanks, Paula

Uploading files to SharePoint document library from Power Apps just got easier! Attaching files in Power Apps and saving to them SharePoint is a common requirement for many apps so its an important skill to learn. To do this we will use the new Power Apps (V2) trigger in Power Automate which includes the file data type as an input It is no longer necessary to perform a complicated series of steps to transform a file to binary using the JSON function and then back to Base64 (not exactly low-code).In this article I will show you the easiest way to upload files to a SharePoint document library in Power Apps and add metadata (i.e. tags) to the file.


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